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Darwinium, or orichalcum in vulgar parlance, is without a shadow of a doubt the most invaluable resource on the surface of the planet. As evidenced by its name, the discovery of its most extraordinary properties is owed to Sir Charles Darwin, who correctly surmised that the queer forms and powers of some animals in the Galapagos Islands were due to the very first (and only) deposit ever found on land.

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France (French Empire)[]

It is entirely possible that the first few defeats of the Russian campaign were in fact what ultimately saved the French Empire.

It has been put forward by many historians that the Tsar had expressed his intentions to have his entire capital burnt to the ground if it were to fall into the hands of the Grande Armée. Therefore, one may argue that Napoleon’s defeat at Smolensk in 1812 and subsequent retreat to the Duchy of Warsaw to lick his wounds was the only thing that saved the French from starvation in the frost of winter. Nevertheless, it was rightfully applauded as a great Russian victory, and the friendship between the Tsar and the Emperor was irremediably damaged.

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Russia (Imperial Confederation of)[]

There are many who say that among the numerous peoples of an exceptionally large empire, it is rare that a powerful bond should form between them, and that a spirit of nationalism should be born to them. And the Empire of Tsars, was indeed the largest in the world.

Although Alexander II availed himself of the love of the little people of Russia by emancipating the serfs throughout his empire, which roused in them some sense of patriotism, the greatest impact that he would have on the history of his realm would be to sow the seeds of its dissolution and its reformation, as the promotion zemstvo was the first step on the road to a nearly absolute decentralization of government in the Russian Empire.

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North America[]

He had often wondered if those who took part in such a bold undertaking truly realized that since the beginnings of the History of Mankind in the Sumerian plains, there had been no greater or nobler enterprise. Indeed, what greater endeavour than to liberate men from the chains of the monarchs!

Thirteen colonies in a brave New World would become the vanguard of liberty and equality for all of the Lord’s children.

Thirteen colonies would unite to create one great Federation.

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